The Conundrum

2 Mar

Since my last update things have been reeeeeal up and down. But I guess that’s the nature of life. The SCD diet provides you with little guidance after the 3-4 day intro, so from my own experience here are some things I’ve noticed:

1) Nut flour = hard to digest so soon. I’m thinking they are something to introduce after a month or two on the diet.

Be weary. Be very weary.

2) dairy = no good for me. SCD yogurt = no go, aged cheddar didn’t work either. I am bummed to say the least.

3) cooked apples and peaches = delicious but far too easy to eat too many. I have yet to try making applesauce, maybe that’s where I should have started.

5) Sliced bananna with honey is a nice dessert, but I’m weary of bananas being so high in sugar, so I haven’t been foxing around with them too much.

6) Bolthouse Farms smoothies – strawberry banan in particular – seem to be ok, though who knows what “natural flavors” consist of.

7) Orange juice needs to be seriously diluted. I need that Vit C as a co-factor for the iron I take 2 x a day, but damn is it hard on the stomach.

8) I love hamburgers, partially because I have to. That is a fact.

Minus, you know, all the fixins.

9) Homemade mayonnaise is hard to make. I’m currently 2 for 4. I have a recipe I will share, I think I finally know what the determinate factor of success is.

10) Still up in the air on eggs. SCD says not to eat if you have D, but I’m not sure if they trigger my symptoms or not.

I will say that I found an SCD legal brand of olive oil mayo from Spectrum, and it is the bomb. Far better than any other mayo’s, let alone one I make myself. As a child of the midwest in the 80’s, you can imagine I was all about the Tangy Zip of Miracle Whip. This spectrum mayo has all of that deliciousness with none of the Monsanto-injected poisons.

Condiment Queen

I’ve also been all about the honey + brown mustard combination since that too is SCD-legal.

As of late,
the biggest challeng has been dealing with prednisone-induced acid reflux which is compounded by all the protein I’m eating. I wonder if increased acid production causes D? For the past three days, here’s the cycle:
1) I get bad heartburn at night, followed by cramping and D the next morning.
2) I feel super rotten until 10a, at which point I feel great.
3) Reflux resumes after dinner.

I feel like this recent diabolical trend is not typical for my UC, but a result of the heartburn. Who knows. Avocado and banana seem to be good buffers to heartburn, I’m going to try pureed cooked carrots as well. I also take protonix twice a day. Last night I took baking soda with water per the instructions on the box as a SCD-legal remedy for heartburn. Worked pretty well but I woke up with chipmunk cheeks – when you’re on prednisone, Sodium intake is what causes moon face… so cut your salt and you get your cheekbones back.

In terms of my long term healing plan, I got a 2 stage approach figured:

Step 1: Go on SCD to get symptoms under control.
Achieve a realistic remission (no cramping, no urgency, normal relief patterns, etc) for a certain amount of time.

Step 2: Undergo 5-10 Human Probiotic Infusions (HPI) per the at-home instructions from Dr. Borody, one per day.

It seems that Step 1 is going to take some time. I’m gearing up for a trip to Germany at the end of April. In an ideal world I’ll do the HPI’s before then so I can hopefully tolerate a wider variety of foods. But we’ll see. In the meantime look out for SCD recipes!


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